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Conversations to bring clarity.

One-hour, drop-in strategy sessions designed to help you navigate the world of modern marketing.

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What to expect

  • A dedicated place to discuss the issues keeping you up at night & explore next steps until we find something that feels right to you.

  • The chance to brain dump & catalog all your ideas (with a witness who can take the notes).

  • Grounded & thoughtful marketing & design advice that reflects what makes you special.​

  • Clear next steps recommendations delivered straight to your inbox the following morning. 

Some of the topics we can discuss

  • What should I be doing with my social media?

  • How can I attract more of my ideal client?

  • Do I really need a brand? And while we’re talking about it, what does that even mean?

  • How can I get people to open my emails?

  • My website desperately needs to be updated but the thought of redoing it makes me physically ill.

Great fit for...

  • DIY-ers, expert Googlers & students of Youtube University who just don't know where to direct their energy.

  • Small business owners looking to level up, whether in price, scale, quality of client, visibility, online following, etc.

  • People feeling so overwhelmed they don't even know where to start (don't worry...I got you! 🤝).

A bit of background—I’ve spent the last seven years designing brands, building websites, & masterminding social strategy for artists, restaurants, counselors, architects, arts organizations & more.

Through the process, I’ve uncovered my superpower…questions! I’ve developed a great respect for the discovery phase of the design process. It’s basically a time when I get to ask every question I can think of in an effort to connect to the root of the business, message, project, or problem. By diving deep in these conversations, I am able to create work that feels like a natural extension of the entrepreneur.

In doing this work, I’ve noticed a gap in support for businesses that don’t have enough work to hire a dedicated marketing person but have marketing issues they need expertise on. They need someone they know & trust who can help talk through issues & ideas as they arise. Well, I’d like to officially introduce myself…I’m someone. Let’s tease out your ideas & bring them to life!



Still have questions?

Understand. Book a casual (& free!) 15-20 minute chat to get to know each other & see if we might be a good fit. No stress, no pressure.

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