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With experience in marketing, graphic design, branding, web design, social media management, and more, consider me your one-woman marketing team.

Fink Creative is at your service(s)

Boost your online presence with thoughtful and authentic social media marketing. I specialize in Instagram and Facebook, utilizing these platforms to show the world why your business is something special. I prioritize getting to know my clients, their business, and even their “why” so that I can create an online presence that feels like a natural extension of you. I create content, take photos, write captions, engage with your audience, and generate custom story content to make your page a digital destination.


Your website is an extension of your business (think of it like your digital storefront). Make the best possible impression on new and existing customers by making a great website! I believe that websites should reflect the business they represent, capturing the personalities, values, and stories that make it special. I’ll work with you to hone your company’s message and create an online presence that feels like you.


Looking to dip your toes into social media? Let’s meet for a consultation! I’ll listen to your story, ask questions, and give you practical advice on ways to engage your audience in a new way.



Already have a website but need help keeping it in tip-top shape? Let me help! I can manage updates, troubleshoot problems, and optimize user experience for Wix and Squarespace sites.

We all get flooded with hundreds of promotional emails every day. How do you stand out amongst the pack? I believe in creating personal and authentic campaigns that your audience will look forward to seeing in their inbox.



Are you starting a brand new business and need the perfect logo? Are you 10 years in and feel like you need a refresh? Let’s chat! I’ll work with you to design a brand identity that appeals to your target audience.

One of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle is great imagery. Professional photos can take your website and social media to the next level, giving your audience a better understanding of the people and values behind your brand. But organizing a photo shoot can be overwhelming! That’s where I come in. I’ve got a network of fantastic photographers at a variety of price points that will capture the essence of you and your business. 



Want to create a postcard? Need help designing a t-shirt? Ready to upgrade your business cards? I’m your girl!

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