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BOK is a historic vocational school that was turned into creative workspace for artists, entrepreners, and small businesses.


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  • BOK has a large Instagram following that grew by nearly 5,000 over my tenure. The complexity of the project, along with the more than 175 tenants that occupy the building made for an interesting challenge.


    During my time managing the brand's Instagram, I focused on educating our audience about the things happening in the building. To accomplish this, I institued a weekly Instagram story series called "This Week @ BOK," which highlighted tenants, events, and more. I also worked on storytelling, developing Instagram stories on topics such as the history of the building, the building's namesake (architect Edward Bok), and a day-in-the-life of the team behind the building. The last major story series I developed was called "Three Actions" in which we would pick a topic within the BLM movement and share an article to read, a petition to sign, and an organization to donate to. 


    I also prioritized introducing our audience to individual tenants and giving them a closer look into the people that make up the building's community. I spearheaded an interview series called "In Talks," speaking with 8 of the building's tenants about how they got into their respective fields, what it is like to be an artist or entrepreneur, and their greatest accomplishments to date. 


    Click here to explore BOK's Instagram. Take special note of the highlights such as Three Actions, History, Edward Bok, Scout & About, and more!


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